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24. 「十四年來,我的夢想是移民到台灣來。」ft. Piotr “My dream was moving to Taiwan since I visited here 14 years ago”

“Taiwan is a little tropical paradise!” Ever since Piotr visited Taiwan for the first time 14 years ago, he had decided to immigrate to Taiwan. Why he loves Taiwan so much and what difficulties he had faced while planning? Listen to this episode to find out! 🙂  「台灣是個小的熱帶天堂!」當Piotr 十四年前來台灣玩時,就決定要從美國移民到台灣來了。是什麼原因讓他這麼愛台灣?在這計畫之中又遇到哪些困難?搬來一年了,有什麼是他不習慣的呢?這集很精彩!

23. 《母語日》台灣有十幾種母語?!ft. 我爸 Taiwan has over 10 different mother languages?!

誰說台灣文化很單調?台灣其實有十幾種以上不同的語言喔! 這些語言以及台語和華語聽起來有什麼不一樣?還請到我爸爸來跟我用台語和「台灣國語」小聊一下! I’ve heard a few people said that Taiwan’s culture remains the same anywhere. Well, I don’t think so! In the episode, you will hear how these languages sound like and me and my dad talking in a mix of Taiwanese Hokkien and Mandarin.  

22.「台日友好」-為什麼台灣人這麼愛日本?!ft. 我姐 What do Taiwanese people think about Japan?

為什麼台灣人這麼愛去日本玩?台灣人對日本的想法到底是怎麼樣?聽聽我跟我姐從各方面來聊聊台灣跟日本特別的關係! Why do so many Taiwanese people like to visit Japan and love Japanese products and culture? Listen to me and my sister chatting about the special relations between Taiwan and Japan from different aspects! 

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